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Horse riding
In 21st century horses are not so important in everyday life as earlier. Horse Riding was a popular sport and these animals were an only type of land vehicle - for many years a horse was extremely useful.

However, nowadays this beautiful creatures became to be a luxury, not a necessary thing for life. It’s really expensive to maintain them. Not a lot of people can afford to do it, but they give you an ability to ride a horse. If you have dreamt of doing that, with the help of Kazakhstan Travel Agency you can easily do it in Almaty.

Horse riding is an activity, that benefits your health. It gives you an ability to get rid of stress and improve your stamina and strength. You can ride a horse for a first time at any age. It’s possible for people in any age, as for kids, as for elderly people.

You can try it in a small group/ the price includes transfer to the area and back, a small lesson from instructor and renting an animal. It will be an unforgettable and wonderful experience in your life.